Greenwich Borough Map


This is possibly the scariest picture I’ve had to frame yet. Had I not been told how much is was worth then, perhaps, I would have completed this in a reasonable time. Instead, I gave myself excuse after excuse not to work on it because I was so frightened of making a costly mistake! It didn’t help that when I thought I had finished it, it fell off the wall and I had to start from scratch…

It’s a limited edition print of the borough of Greenwich where the artist has featured extraordinary facts about each area. For example, did you know that Full Metal Jacket was filmed here, and that the BNP was based to the far east of the borough?

The edge of the print is wavy which was something that the owner wanted maintained. Rather than mount the print, I decided to raise it by glueing it to charcoal coloured mountboard and then placing this on the main charcoal mountboard. I used a black matt one inch moulding.

I love this print and I’m proud of my work but I’m so relieved it’s safely in it’s rightful place now.


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